Alexandria to Appalachia: Virginia for the Weekend

I recently had an…eventful weekend in Virgina with my family.

After a 6:10AM train I passed through Union Station


which is slowling going through a reno but still looking pretty good.

Just after noon I joined some friends at Sportrock Alexandria for my first foray in to rock climbing. I found it a little fun, a little scary, and very new.


Eventually my family and I caught an early dinner at a less than impressive French restaurant in Old Town, Alexandria called Le Bergerie which, sadly, was pretty unimpressive. Our meal was rushed, in any case, because we had a 7 o’clock curtain call at the Kennedy Center.


I have always love going to the theater there–it truly has a sense of glamour.

Kennedy Center

Kennedy Center


Most excitingly, we were there to see The Book of Mormon!


Which was hilarious and amazing–definitely lived up to the hype.

After nightcaps at a Union Street and too few hours of sleep, we woke the next morning and headed West.

It has become a tradition with my sister and I to stop at the Wegmans in Warrington, Va which basically is the grocery story straight out of my dreams.

o  enhanced-buzz-24823-1376690304-9

Overly stocked, we continued our journey to Shenandoah National Park.

Which means taking Skyline Drive…


…to stay in Skyline Resort.

Sadly, it started raining the night we arrived, and didn’t stop for 36 hours. 😦 So instead of hiking, there was a lot of napping in grim hotel rooms…


and eating in mildly endearing dining halls.


We did manage to fight through the storm and get off the mountain for a spell though, to see the wildly over priced ($26 a ticket) but still pretty damn cool

Luray Caverns Entrance

and which, incase anyone was wondering, looks like this from the outside,


and this from the inside,


Insert a 1.5 mile tour underground led by a girl so chipper I can only assume she was moonlighting from her gig as Minnie Mouse.


We saw what I can only assume to be the Phantom of the Opera’s organ.


As well as a flagrant waste of money posing as a wishing well.

All in all, it was a fun destination if you happen to be in that neck of the woods. We followed our caverning with delicious sandwiches at West Main Market in the tiny, sleepy town of Luray.


Then it was back to the lodge for a nap and perfectly satisfactory steak dinner, followed by poker, drinks, and conversation with the cousins. In the morning we drove back to Alexandria, took a brief down moment to play on our phones and lounge in the formal living room, and eventually caught a train back to New York–thus ending, my weekend in Virginia.


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