Saturday and Sunday, January 10-11, 2015

When at a loss for where to eat saturday morning brunch, I suggested a tantalizing biscuit place a few blocks from A’s apartment that we’d walked by a bunch. This turned out to be an epically good idea. Behold, the BeeHive Oven:

10560353_650669788361596_7524095969398535208_o10613047_663733180388590_1041159524411661479_nIt was quaint, friendly, and delicious. Cherry on top: the restauranteurs hail from Texas and I found this on their facebook page:


A got the Bootstrap and I got a biscuit with sausage gravy. We fell in love.

Afterwards, we braved the cold for a short jaunt around Williamsburg. First things first: hot chocolate at the starbucks on 7th.


Which, being where it is, naturally had a special fancy “Reserve” bar for speciality drinks.


Then it was across the street to Crossroads Trading Post for a short and fruitless hunt for some skinny white jeans–I had a White Rabbit costume in mind for the Alice in Wonderland party I’m attending next weekend. From there, we wondered over to the relatively new and definitely massive Urban Outfitters.

Space Ninety 8


The place is 4 levels of consumer’s paradise, topped with it’s very own bar and a restaurant that actually looked pretty good.


Apparently there is a rooftop too, which was closed for the winter but that the internet tells me looks like this during the summer:

DrielyS-5755 DrielyS-5713

So I am rather excited to check that out in a few months. Afterwards, we walked north to stop in at Rough Trade.

Before too long, the cold got the best of us so we headed home–but barely had time to take off our coats before heading back out to meet S for wings. Unfortunately, this happened to coincide with a big football game so our hunt was difficult (and cold). We eventually had to squeeze in at an awkward table at Williams & Bailey and shout at each other over the yelling of Patriots and Ravens fans.


The food was adequate, though I think A was particularly fond of his chicken sandwich.

Afterwards, we parted ways from S and struggled through the frigid air back tot he warm and comforting bosom of A’s local Jackbar where I got some cider and all was right with the world.


For the tail end of the night I made A watch Empire Records for the first time which he hated, a reaction which I am choosing to ignore because that movie is great.

Sunday morning dawned bright and early and I woke up with a plan to go see The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. A isn’t into the franchise so I set off on my own…but couldn’t resist stopping back in to BeeHive to get a biscuit and coffee to go. Having bright pink hair meant I was recognized from the day before–but I ended up having a pleasant talk with John, one of the owners. This place really is fantastic and I can’t wait to go back and try more of their menu…such as the chicken friend steak and the shrimp and grits.

l l-1

Delicious sustenance in hand (and purse) I ventured into Manhattan to Kips Bay for 144 minutes of dwarves, elves, hobbits, and men.


All in all, I rather liked it–but then again, I just enjoy the world so much, I’d watch mostly anything Peter Jackson wanted to make in it. I mean come on…

From there I wandered to and fro, on the hunt to flesh out my costume for the Alice and Wonderland party. I went up to the Levi’s on 34th, then next door to H&M. It was there that I gave up on finding white jeans and decided to hunt for a red dress instead: screw the White Rabbit, long live the Red Queen.

I walked down broadway, making a necessary lunch pitstop at Hill Country Chicken for a tender and some mashed potatoes.


Then after a brief stop into my office, I checked out my second H&M of the day, and tried on every single red dress they carried.

IMG_7088 IMG_7087 IMG_7086 IMG_7085 IMG_7084 IMG_7083

…because why not? I ended up getting that last one, the capped sleeve sheath.

Running on fumes, I made a few more stops before heading home: Halloween Adventure, where I failed to find a reasonably priced heart crown; Gothic Renaissance, which was pretty much grown up Hot Topic combined with a ren fest leather shop; and Whole Foods, which was crowded and awful.

The night ended well though, with a relaxing glass of wine and a rewatch of one of my old favorites: The Whole Nine Yards.

– L


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