Saturday, January 3rd, 2015

This morning A and I tried a new brunch spot. I’d taken him to The Randolph a few days prior and we’d been impressed by the cocktails and intrigued by the menu.


randolph-brooklyn-3 randolph-brooklyn-1

A got the breakfast nachos and I got cheese grits, which I’m delighted to say may be the best I’ve had in New York.


After brunch we went home to relax for a spell. I started reading Casino Royale, my first Bond book.

yay for blatant misogyny! But otherwise it seems fun. It had started to snow while we were at brunch and by 2:30 it was getting pretty wet out there, so we decided to uber our way across Williamsburg. Destination: The Gutter.

TheGutter_V3_460x285 SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESIt was pretty packed so A and I settled in to grab numbers and day drink while we waited for the rest of the group to arrive. Eventually we made a full party of 8 and signed up for 2 hours on the lanes. Fun was had.



After such active ball touching, we were in need of burgers so it was off to Kent Ale House where I was quite excited to finally try the food, in particular their fried pickles.

photo kentalehouse_inside_inthecut_itsjeffyoungblog kent-ale-house IMG_6874

Everything was delicious and nothing was bad. We parted ways, now fully content and I trudged home in a cold rain.

– L

the author, day of
the author, day of

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