Saturday, December 20th, 2014

Following an enjoyable Tacky Christmas Sweater party in Stuy Town, I slept at S’s UWS apartment and woke up pleasantly at home in Manhattan. First stop of the morning was Westside Restaurant which is as good a diner as there ever was.


After a light indulgence, we did a bit of shopping with stops at the Sephora on Broadway and the Super Runners Shop on Amsterdam.

o  ls

S had to work so I took off on a multi-stop mission. First up, was the 2 to the R, getting off at 23rd to pop into the Flatiron and collect some of my CSA spoils (Community Supported Agriculture, in this particular case, from Mountain View Farm in Easthampton, MA).

Flatiron_Building_3618433845_5745ebc1b9  IMG_6432

Now looking like a bedraggled bag lady, I walked down Broadway to brave the Union Square Whole Foods, intent on picking up some hot fresh soup for A who wasn’t feeling good.


Soup in hand, bringing my bag count up to 4, I heaved myself onto the L and rode it to Lorimer. A short but burdened walk and distressing 6 floor hike brought me to A’s door where I stayed for only a moment to drop off the soup and pick up some more of my CSA. Then it was onto an Uber and home, for a very brief spell.

At 5:30 I headed out into the cold to meet A at Dirck the Norseman (a bar in Williamsburg we are partial to).


dirck-the-norseman-bar IMG_6442

I got the Matzah Ball and Chicken soup which was hearty and delicious. A got the fish and chips which were likewise.

After a few drinks, we headed to the Brooklyn Night Bazaar which was fun, though on the loud side. We shopped, strolled, ate, and played mini golf. Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 12.13.45 AM

image   bazaar2   IMG_6443   IMG_6444

I got a delicious cider float from Ice & Vice: hot chai spiced pear cider with a dollop of some sort of deliciousness that I believe had orange blossom, and then drizzled with a spicy honey.


Eventually we left for calmer waters and made our way to the Kent Ale House which we both liked a lot–I got another hot cider, A got a beer, and we drooled over the menu that we were both too full to order from.

kentalehouse_logooutside_inthecut_itsjeffyoungblog    kent-ale-house

Fully pre-gamed, we headed off to Glasslands Gallery to see Widowspeak.


This was bittersweet–Glasslands is closing in the new year to make room for the Vice offices and as A’s favorite venue, he was particularly sad to see it go. We got there a little late into Widowspeak’s set but once we fought through a shockingly disinterested crowd and made it towards the front, the show was great.


Glasslands really is a beautiful venue.



– L

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